Thursday, June 15, 2006

Instant Death


My 5-day-old Nano died today.

My middle school has two levels. The main level, and the ring on top of it. From the ring, you can look out on the secondary computer lab, the foyer, and the canteen. The main computer lab is on the top floor, with it's door facing the railing of the ring.

Okay, so we were going to computer class today, and I decided I wanted to try out my brand new Nano in the lab. The door was locked, so our class crowded around the space between the entrance and the railing. I slid the tiny little box out of my pocket - mint in it's velvet sleeve. I held it out in front of me, and just as I was about to pull it out of the sleeve, some kid shoved me from behind. I was about a meter avay from the railing, but he managed to sove me hard enough for me to lose my balance.

So, you probably know where this is going, right? It's about a 15 meter fall from the top of the railing, to the linoleum floor. And as I fumbled the tiny Nano in my hands, I had the priveledge of watching it leave my index finger, and slowly spiral towards rock bottom. KRAK!

The large foyer seemed to amplify the sharp snap of the Nano's landing. As I ran down the stairs, some bewildered little kid (who just about got nailed by $250 of aluminum and white plastic) picked it up, and gave it to me. I brought it into the lab, and slipped it out of it's sleeve.

The LCD screen was absolutely obliterated. Black fluid spread across the screen. The backlight illuminated the blank white display. It never turned off.

The lifeless Nano sits with it's beautiful 1.5" eyes wide open and glowing, in an oubliette in the garage.

I called Costco, and they said they'd replace it tomorrow, free of charge.

Now all I have to do is stay alive until then.

In loving memory...

iPod Nano
June 10, 2006 - June 15, 2006

Your hot tunes and beautiful display shall never be forgotten, the first of mine, the Apple of my eye.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Revenge - Ice Cold

All right, all you MPH fans. I just p4wned some n00bs in the Outer Reach arena. I lowered my rank by turning on the "Any Rank" WFC option, and ended up getting owned by some four star hunters. I'm currently level 1.

So, while I'm building up my ranking, I decided to have a little fun. You all know the main respawn points on the main level on Outer Reach, right? Well, there's one on either side of the big ring. Some n00b Kanden decided to pick up the Imperialist and wait at the edge of the center ring, picking out anyone coming out from the respawn points. So while he's racking up kills, I decide to tank up on UA and energy.

All right, now there's nothing I hate more than a respawn sniper. That's one of the cheapest tricks there is. So whenever I see one, I'll try to ambush him. I'm Noxus, so I have the Judicator with the freeze ability.

Okay, so I have 199 energy, and 100 UA, and I'm ready. I dip down to the levitator on the main level, and jump to the top level. I charge up my Judicator, and begin to sweep. I use the levitators to jump back and forth, keeping my combat visor pointed at the carnage below. The sniper stops, and gets into position. I spot him below, and begin to drop.

Now the fall damage from the top of Outer Reach is like 7 energy or something, but with 199, and a charged up Judicator, I couldn't resist.

I dropped down, froze him, and pumped five Judicator rounds right into his head.

Ice Cold Revenge.

Friday, April 21, 2006

NES Mouse

Today I made zieak's NES optical mouse (http://zieak.com/projects/nintendo_mouse.htm). Well, mostly... I soldered all the connections, hooked up the board to the USB cable, and tried to stuff it into the case. Just like zieak said, I had to bend a couple capacitors, but it looked like it was just about to fit, I just had to figure out how to get the buttons to hit my switches. I took the case apart, made some adjustments, and plugged the cable back into the board. It didn't work. The LED would flicker, and it and the buttons would lose their function. Having worked on the project for 4hrs+, I quickly worked myself into a panic. I assumed the LED was the problem - I couldn't see anything wrong with anything else. I inspected the LED's terminals, and discovered that one of the connections had been pushed out, taking a fair bit of the metal tape stuff from the circuit board with it. I grabbed my soldering iron from my bedroom dresser, burned myself, and prepared my solder...

==!!!n00b ALERT!!!==

Now, all you hackers, electricians, circuit board dudes, and all you other solder guys - there's probably a million different things you could have told me before I started this job, and I really could've used your advice. Don't say I didn't warn you, and if the following description proves too much to bear, feel free to x-out - it was hard enough for me to write this account myself.

Alright. So I set the little board on my lap (gasp!), burned my finger once again, brought the solder to the disconnected terminal and touched it to the iron. This probably wasn't the best choice, because as soon as they made contact, I lost a centimetre of solder, and got a nasty stream of smoke right in the face. The solder turned into a ball of molten tin and lead at the end of the iron, so I tried to touch it to the terminal, in the hopes that somehow the ball would run down the terminal, and end up in a neat little ball on the board. Instead, the solder from the teminal got sucked up into the now considerably large mass of metal at the end of the iron. I repeated this process several times, until, to my horror, it sucked up the metal tape. I lifted up the iron, and stared at the brownish spot around the terminal. In the process, a drip of metal landed on my exposed jeans, leaving a nasty burn.

After this, I gave up.

My nearly finished project still rests on my dresser, and if any of you guys out there are any good at this stuff, your comments are welcome.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Metroid Prime: Hunters

I recently purchased a game called Metroid Prime: Hunters (MPH). One of it's main features is the ability to connect to the internet via the NDS's 802.11 communications protocol.

The feature is truly exeptional, there is virtually no "lag", and there is an incredible amount of textures and polygons that the system must render every second, as well as the wifi communications.

For all of you bounty hunters out there, my username is 'darkgarlic', and my friend code is "2019 3207 7226".

The birth of everythingelectric

This is the start of my new electronics blog. Like the description says, this blog is all about what I think and know about electronics. Hope you enjoy!